Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Physical Forces

Yesterday, I suggested how the holistic mathematical interpretation of just one of the four complex roots (of the 8 roots of 1) can be used to provide a convincing philosophical appreciation of the true nature of light. And of course natural light represents the best known manifestation of electromagnetic energy, that represents one of the four recognised physical forces.

And there is a special coherence to this holistic mathematical interpretation that may not be obvious at first sight.

The basic starting point is in the recognition that physical knowledge of reality cannot be divorced from corresponding psychological interpretation.

Therefore in dynamic interactive terms all conscious understanding of reality that is posited in an external physical manner, must be likewise negated in a corresponding psychological fashion (and vice versa).

Therefore it in this two-way interaction, entailing both positive and negative polarities that we are enabled to keep switching in experience from external recognition to internal interpretation (and vice versa).

Then in holistic mathematical terms, we saw how the two roots of 1 - when interpreted in the appropriate relative manner - provide the scientific explanation of these relationships.

Later we then discovered that the dimensions (of space and time) and the objects with which they interact, must be dynamically understood as imaginary to real (and real to imaginary respectively).
This equally implies that objects and dimensions entail both quantitative and qualitative aspects in relation to each other.

Therefore the dynamic psycho physical interpretation of the relationship between objects and dimensions requires the holistic mathematical interpretation of the four roots of 1 with two real and two imaginary roots (that are positive and negative in each case).

Now, the final refinement then entails the intersection - as it were - of both objects and dimensions, which takes place through what we recognise as the physical forces.

Therefore in a valid sense, the notion of a force implies what is common to both objects and dimensions.

And as we have seen this - literally - complex relationship is then appropriately modelled through the four additional roots (of the 8 roots of 1).

So what we are saying therefore is that not alone natural light (as a manifestation of the electromagnetic force) but equally all four forces can be modelled in a holistic mathematical manner through the remaining four complex roots.

Now the weak force is perhaps best seen as the internal version of the electromagnetic force (that is relatively external in nature). Indeed in modern physics both forces have indeed been combined as the electroweak force.

More controversially the strong (nuclear) force can be seen as the corresponding internal manifestation of the gravitational force (that works on an external cosmic scale). Clearly there are great differences in evidence with respect to the strength of both forces. However they do have the common property of binding matter together in a coherent manner.

In this way the four forces can be understood in a striking manner as representing in each of the four quadrants, the locations where objects and dimensions - that are quantitative and qualitative with respect to each other, directly coincide. And so the existence of these null "lines" are thereby saturated in deep mystery.

Therefore for example, the gravitational force, as with light, can manifest itself as waves or particles that are "real" and "imaginary" with respect to each other. So once again when the wave aspect manifest itself as "real", the particle aspect remains hidden as "imaginary" (and of course vice versa).

Also the simultaneous existence of both waves and particles (travelling at gravitational speed) renders gravity as "empty" (i.e. "travelling" as null lines).    

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