Friday, May 15, 2015

The Null Level

Using holistic geometrical terminology, I generally refer to the "higher" contemplative stage of Band 3 (i.e. Level 3) as the Null Level.

So in this entry, I will try and explain its precise rationale.

As we have seen, Level 1 (Band 3), which I refer to as the Circular Level, is profoundly characterised by the dynamic two-way interplay of external and internal polarities, with respect to conscious phenomena of form. In precise holistic mathematical terms, these relate to both the positive (+ 1) and negative (– 1) poles in a real manner, which are indirectly represented through the 2 roots of 1.

So these roots express, in a reduced linear format, the inherent nature of 2-dimensional appreciation, that appears paradoxical (i.e. circular) from a conventional dualistic perspective. So the growing appreciation of such paradox, first in terms of more superficial perceptions and then later in terms of the most firmly tooted concepts, becomes the very means of dissolving phenomenal rigidity and thereby entering on the path of true nondual spiritual contemplation.

Then Level 2 (Band 3) which I refer to as the Point Level is further characterised by the dynamic two-way interplay of  whole and part polarities (whereby each aspect preserves its distinct identity).
In other words by this level direct i.e. real dualistic consciousness has become so significantly eroded that attention in experience switches largely to the more indirect conscious expression of what directly pertains to the holistic unconscious. This is the "imaginary" - as opposed to the "real" - aspect of consciousness.

Thus the more refined task here is now to erode any undue attachment with respect to this "imaginary" aspect of consciousness which once again is achieved through the paradoxical appreciation of the relationship between whole and part (in every relevant context).

So ultimately one is led to the realisation that the spirit transcends any whole notion (as phenomenally understood), while paradoxically being already - relatively - immanent in any starting part notion!

Thus Level 2, provides a completely novel manner of understanding the true holistic significance of 4-dimensional experience.

Conventional dualistic experience is based as we know on the analytic interpretation 4 dimensions (3 of space and 1 of time).

However, here we have the much deeper dynamic holistic appreciation of 4 dimensions, based on the interaction of horizontal polarities (external and internal) that are positive and negative with respect to each other, in a real fashion. These are then coupled with vertical polarities (whole and part) that again are positive and negative with respect to each other, in an imaginary fashion.

So in dynamic interactive terms, all relationships (or holons) are characterised in holistic mathematical terms by the continual interaction as between both real and imaginary aspects (in positive and negative terms). So again, this is the circular (paradoxical) way that "higher" 4-dimensional appreciation of reality appears, when one attempts to translate it in a customary linear (i.e. 1-dimensional) fashion!

In other words it now appears deeply paradoxical from this perspective, in both a direct (real) conscious and indirect (imaginary) conscious manner.

So this represents the true holistic mathematical appreciation of the four quadrants (where the unit circle in the complex plane is divided into four equal quadrants through the intersection of both real and imaginary axes).

Now of course, though in analytic terms, the delineation of real and imaginary axes (and positive and negative direction) remains fixed, in holistic mathematical terms, they are understood in a merely relative fashion. Thus depending on arbitrary perspective, real and imaginary axes can switch; likewise positive and negative directions can switch. Thus, because polarities continually alternate in this manner with respect to experience, every relationship (or if one wishes "holon") can now be properly understood as necessarily of a 4-quadrant nature, in a dynamic interactive manner.

In fact, as I have already expressed in a previous blog entry, the holistic mathematical interpretation of 4-dimensional reality, has direct repercussions for the very nature of space and time.
Thus from this perspective, we live in a world with two real and two imaginary space dimensions (in each case with a positive and negative aspect). Likewise because space and time are now properly understood in complementary fashion, the two real dimensions of space equate with the two imaginary dimensions of time; likewise the two imaginary dimensions of space equate with the two real dimensions of time!

So, all in all this appreciation resonates well with Jungian notions where what is explicitly conscious (i.e. real) in experience is balanced implicitly by an unconscious (i.e. imaginary) aspect and vice versa.

However with Level 3, an even further refinement in appreciation takes place, where phenomenal experience now properly requires an 8-dimensional  interpretation (in holistic mathematical terms).

So we will carefully outline the precise nature of this Level 3 understanding in future blog entries.      

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