Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Turning Point

When I look back at the 3 major Levels of Band 3 (from my personal perspective) I can clearly see now how they culminated in a crisis event that in each case was appropriate to the Level in question.

So the first Level culminated with the death of my father. Closely associated with this was the corresponding "death" of my masculine ego identity which was greatly compounded at the time with employment difficulties and a withdrawal from all the customary activities (that earlier had supported this limited identity).

Then the second Level culminated with the death of my mother. This in turn corresponded with the "death" of a fledgling female identity (in the unconscious recognition of the feminine side of my own personality). And this too was compounded in turn by the complete lack of romance in my life at the time together with growing isolation with respect to the network of personal friends that had earlier helped to foster my social identity.

The period preceding my mother's death was characterised by a series of psychic occurrences of unusual clarity. I had always recognised a marked psychic capacity in my mother's personality, where she could see events as carrying a very different emotional message from what was conveyed on the surface.  Indeed I attributed my intuitive capacity directly to this genetic link with my mother.

My father was then the total opposite in personality, cerebral and unimaginative but completely reliable and trustworthy.

In outward behaviour, I resembled very much my father, in being seemingly conformist with a marked commitment to duty. So for example I spent the last 25 years in my lecturing job without missing a class. It became a little ridiculous however in the end when I developed a bad bout of laryngitis completely losing my voice. So determined to keep going, I duly arrived to be left with the considerable difficulty of then communicating that the class could not in fact proceed. And I always have striven to ensure that I turn up on time for appointments!.

However from an interior perspective, I am completely different in being ready to embark on the wildest adventures of the mind and spirit, which I then readily pursue without attention to the considerable difficulties involved.

So I do have a strange attitude to problem solving. If the problem is of a practical conventional nature, I often lack confidence in reaching a solution.

However if it is something that no one has solved before, I can become completely energised and utterly confident that I will eventually resolve the issue.

So in many ways my own life journey has been the attempt to reconcile within my own personality the extreme opposites (with respect to the male and female principles) that I inherited from my parents.

The year before my mother's death were marked by a series of psychic events coupled with extraordinary coincidences that have never since been repeated in my life.

It seems to me now that the unconscious mind can often know well what the conscious mind will not yet admit!

Thus when on a holiday with my mother a year before her death, I experienced a deep sense of grief (that was more intense that when the actual event occurred). I also foresaw in a lucid dream the exact manner of her death. This was also accompanied by a remarkable series of coincidences that occurred shortly afterwards directly related to the dream.

In fact it is this kind of lucid dreaming that I believe is associated with the interesting phenomenon of apparitions. For example shortly before this time in Ireland, there were regular reports of people seeing "moving statues" in certain places such as Ballinspittle associated with Our Lady (i.e. Mary, the mother of Christ).

There was also the more dramatic case of many witnesses at Fatima in 1917, reported to have observed the sun spinning in the sky. What I believe happened here is that an unconscious suggestion resembling a sleeping dream sequence, became superimposed on events that occurred in a conscious waking manner. Then because of this undeniable conscious waking aspect to the experience, the witnesses then literally believed in the reality of the dream aspect associated with the event. In other words, in such cases one may not be able to distinguish conscious reality from unconscious suggestion!

So for example in Ireland, countless observers swore to seeing statues that actually moved in their experience. However the problem with this account is that many others witnessing the same events saw nothing unusual happening. So I would explain this by saying that this latter group did not experience the crucial dream aspect that operated on these occasion as a form of group hypnosis (where so many similarly reacted to the same unconscious suggestion).

I would also explain the phenomenon of bilocation - associated for example with the Catholic monk, Padre Pio - in a similar fashion. So what is happening here is that though the person actually remains in just one place, though the power of unconscious telepathic suggestion, the image of the person can then become superimposed within an event consciously experienced by someone else, in another - perhaps far off - location.

Incidentally this would also apply to the phenomenon of the stigmata (also associated with Padre Pio) where again a particularly strong form of unconscious suggestion created visible bodily symptoms (in this case reminiscent of the sufferings of Christ).

Though the motive for this may indeed have been deeply spiritual (as with Padre Pio). it could also contain pathological associations. Thus the occurrence of the stigmata in an individual would not in itself constitute  a healthy development (though in many cases it could indeed contain an important spiritual significance). Perhaps more accurately, the genuine spiritual experience of stigmata could also on occasion become associated to a degree with questionable pathological elements.

I also had several lucid dreams at the time entailing out of the body experiences and levitation.

In fact I still often get a strange feeling when out walking that I could perhaps through the power of suggestion take flight and arrive immediately at my destination.

So all in all the unconscious is potentially a very powerful instrument. And we have not yet remotely in our human evolution begun to tap into its enormous potential.

Indeed when the unconscious does undergo proper development, in the future we will be able to directly change the physical environment in line with our unconscious.

Some of the great sages in both Western and Eastern mystical traditions have already possessed to a degree this power e.g. with respect to dramatic physical healings. However, even these manifestations constitute but a pale shadow of what will eventually be potentially possible.

So to conclude I was already entering a period of protracted emotional desolation before the death of my mother, which subsequently affected me more deeply than my father's death some 15 years previously (due to unresolved emotional issues in her life that still remained).

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