Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Levels of Development (1)

In my model each band contains 3 major stages (which I refer to as levels).

This would entail therefore that 21 levels overall are defined on the Spectrum.

Band 1

The three levels here are referred to - in ascending order from the lowest - as Lower 3 (L3), Lower 2 (L2) and Lower 1 (L1) respectively.

Lower 3 (archaic) represents the stage where conscious and unconscious are still largely confused with each other. It would culminate with the first successful differentiation (where the physical body mind of the child is understood to be separate to a degree from a more general environment that is also understood as body mind.

In holistic mathematical terms this initial confusion - where (universal) form cannot be distinguished from emptiness mind would relate to the binary digits 1 and 0. Then emerging duality would be associated with 2.
Horizontal, vertical and diagonal complementarity would apply to the level!

Horizontal complementarity relates to the the physical and psychological aspects of development. Thus each stage results in a new perspective on physical reality reflected equally in a new stage of psychological development.

Vertical complementarity relates to the fact that most confused (Lower 3) is related to the (least) confused stage i.e. Higher 3 where (rigid) duality ceases and form is united with emptiness in a spiritually refined manner.
So structurally these stages are similar with Lower 3 representing the confused counterpart of Higher 3.

Diagonal complementarity relates to the fact that the physical aspect of the Lower is related to the psychological aspect of the corresponding higher stage (and equally the psychological aspect of the Lower related to the physical aspect of the Higher)!

This means that would could in principle infer the structural nature of subatomic matter from corresponding psychological knowledge of the nature of highest contemplative development.

Lower 2 (Magical) represents a further differentiation whereby ultimately the child develops a certain degree of emotional autonomy.
Earlier in the stage magical confusion would still reign (where holistic unconscious aspects of understanding are directly identified with conscious objects). However all going well gradually this is reduced with personal responsibility for actions increasing.

In holistic mathematical terms this stage is related to prime numbers. So the key insight here is that the very nature of a prime number combines specific conscious (quantitative) and holistic unconscious (qualitative) aspects. Prime numbers therefore cannot be fully understood using - merely - a conscious rational approach as with Conventional Mathematics.

As regards horizontal complementarity this implies that both psychological development (and sub-atomic physical matter) at this stage is primitive i.e. of a prime nature.

In vertical (and horizontal) terms Lower 2 is complementary with Higher 2.

Lower 1 (Mythical) represents a further degree of differentiation of conscious from unconscious. Through the earlier part of the stage mythical influences will remain (where undue holistic significance is literally identified with specific symbols).
The successful conclusion of the level leads to the differentiation of the mental self and an increased ability to examine the environment in an abstract impersonal manner.

In holistic mathematical terms this corresponds to natural numbers (that are literally whole). So initially objects still possess a unique personality (giving them a whole identity that cannot be reduced to parts).

Because object identification becomes increasingly stable one is able to negate objects (when not immediately available) while holding them in permanent existence.

So this stage is also identified with the integers.

L1 is vertically and diagonally complementary with H1.

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