Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Bands of Development

In my model on he Spectrum of Development I use the term "band" to refer to the most general meaning of a stage.

Overall I define 7 Bands.

Band 1 (Towards Linear Understanding) refers to earliest childhood development in the successful differentiation of consciousness.

Band 2 (Specialisation of Linear Understanding) refers to everyday rational type appreciation which defines the conventional scientific paradigm and dominates intellectually the way we interpret reality

Band 3 (From Linear to Circular Understanding) refers to the growth in intuitive contemplative type awareness which indirectly is translated in a paradoxical circular rational manner.

Band 4 (Specialisation of Circular Understanding) where refined intuitive type awareness and the indirect means of translation are consolidated.

Band 5 (Early Interpenetration of Mature Linear and Circular Understanding) in what I term radial activity where the rational conscious and intuitive unconscious are harmoniously related to each other.

Band 6 (Middle Interpenetration of Mature Linear and Circular Understanding) where a certain specialisation in such understanding takes place.

Band 7 (Late Interpenetration of Mature Linear and Circular) where perhaps increasing focus is placed on the relatively weaker aspect of understanding.

In holistic mathematical terms the first two bands relate to the gradual unfolding and consequent specialisation in linear (1) understanding. The 3rd and 4th bands then relate to the corresponding unfolding and specialisation in intuitive i.e. circular (0) understanding.
Then the final true bands relate to the mature unfolding and specialisation of the interaction as between linear (1) and circular (0) type appreciation.

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