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Revision of Bands (2)

I am very conscious in writing this account of development that no one template can adequately account for the distinctive features attributable in any individual case.

So my own account not only represents the product of a distinctive personality type (5 with a strong 4 wing in Enneagram terms) but just one example of such a type with all the personal idiosyncrasies thereby associated.

However it does seem to me especially suited for the purpose that I have in mind, which is to portray accurately an authentic modern outline of one person's journey through the various stages of development with all the key difficulties that this entailed.
And though necessarily limited, this then provides a valid perspective from which to address many other issues that I find are not adequately dealt with in existing accounts.

Also it is from such development that the holistic mathematical approach naturally evolved and which then in turn acted as the appropriate vehicle to encode all development in a holistic scientific manner.

So with respect to this radical new vision of the true nature of Mathematics, I believe I have something especially important to offer.

I have mentioned before how I gradually became aware of a very significant problem as development moved to the "highest" level of Band 3.

Though this was designed to result in the two-way vertical integration in complementary manner of the "higher" levels of Band 3 with the "lower" levels of Band 1, I realised that the middle levels of Band 2, were thereby significantly by-passed.

This then meant in effect that I suffered increasing difficulties in carrying out my day to day activities (which largely depended on Band 2). So in psychological terms, it felt - literally - as if my body was being continually stretched from toe to foot, so that I could hardly breathe. Thus the inspiration to carry out conscious tasks - which normally one takes for granted - all but vanished creating considerable stress of a psycho-physical nature.

And this culminated in the bursting of an undiagnosed duodenal ulcer which reduced my blood count to a dangerously low level.

This crisis then marked the end of the extreme ascent phase (with respect to the transcendent spiritual journey). So in a somewhat weakened state, I now slowly started to contemplate the corresponding descent of the spiritual mountain (which had not formed any part of my previous training).

So Band 5 in my account is concerned with the spiritual descent in the attempt to achieve eventual balance as between both the transcendent and immanent directions of development.

And this likewise entails that the middle levels (which had formerly been significantly by-passed) need now to become the central focus.  

The spiritual ascent itself depends, chiefly in the latter stages, on the quality of volitional intent (in the search for pure spiritual meaning). However inevitably one's "higher" rational capacity, even if of a considerably refined nature, is still likewise involved.

This then leads inevitably to a degree of super-ego control serving to repress the "lower" instinctive capacities of the personality.

So the first step in recovery is a certain relaxation with respect to the transcendent drive, which then gradually allows the "lower" levels to speak more freely for themselves in the projection of - hitherto - repressed material from the sub-conscious depths. However all of this can take some considerable time with once again various levels to be negotiated.

Level 1 (Binary) in my experience was associated with an exciting new phase where, through the wonders of the Internet, I found myself for the first time in fruitful dialogue with several like-minded individuals.

Through the very attempt to successfully communicate my ideas to others, I was led to adopt a more objective stance unfettered by mere personal considerations.

Thus the first level on the descent related largely to the horizontal internal/external polarities.

So though my communication invariably related to deeply holistic notions, in attempting to express them clearly in an objective manner, this required a new increased degree of integration with the linear levels of Band 2.
In other words, I was slowly discovering that a "higher" holistic vision needed to be properly grounded in the middle levels if it was to have any influence on a wider audience.

Now inevitably initial illumination in the discovery of a new interested Internet audience, was followed - as typical in my experience - by a longer period of purgation, with the strong need to wean myself further from the insidious desire for personal recognition.  However though very difficult, this in fact acted to further weaken super-ego control facilitating much freer access to the primitive "lower" levels.

Gradually I then could return to my intellectual work - now without the support of an appreciative external audience - where I spent considerable time on the elaboration of the binary model of development.

So the realisation that the holistic binary digits could be successfully used - even to a very high level of detail - for the scientific encoding of all stages of development, provided for me startling confirmation of the importance of this qualitative mathematical approach.

Level 2 (Prime) entailed  a much closer two-way relationship as between "higher" super-conscious and "lower" sub-conscious levels (now reflecting that a greater balance existed  between both aspects).

As I have stated many times before, this then became associated with continual absorption in the fundamental nature of both the ordinal and cardinal number systems.

As I have recounted in detail on other blogs esp. "The Riemann Hypothesis", I first discovered that the true qualitative nature of the ordinal numbers is expressed, in an indirect quantitative manner, by the solutions to simple equations (related to the n roots of 1) . And these solutions I refer to as the Zeta 2 zeros (as they bear an intimate complementary relationship with the famous Riemann zeta zeros).

So in the common place understanding of ordinal notions of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on, we have the unconscious echo of corresponding "higher" holistic dimensions of understanding (that are of a qualitative nature). So these qualitative dimensions are implicitly grounded in the conventional (1-dimensional) understanding of number.

However the great task - that has not yet been remotely faced by the mathematical profession - is to bring these unconscious holistic dimensions fully into the conscious light, before then finally accepting that the very notion of number can only be adequately understood in a dynamic interactive manner (with complementary quantitative and qualitative aspects).

Though I had been long aware (relating to Band 3 understanding ) of these "higher" holistic dimensions, it was only now during Band 5, that I could see clearly how they were related to everyday ordinal notions. So this discovery with respect to number was intimately related to the personal psychological quest to properly ground "higher "super-conscious understanding (of a holistic universal nature) in the everyday linear understanding of the middle levels.

Another remarkable mathematical transformation was then set to take place - initially with respect to the "lower" primitive levels.

In conventional terms, the primes are considered the basic "building blocks" of the natural number system (in cardinal terms).

However once again there is an unrecognised qualitative aspect to such prime behaviour, so that ultimately quantitative notions with respect to cardinal numbers have no strict meaning in the absence of corresponding qualitative connections.
So the famed Zeta 1 (i.e. Riemann) zeros represent the solutions to an infinite equation which indirectly encode in a quantitative manner the qualitative (holistic) basis of the prime numbers.

It is akin to the notion of particles and waves with respect to the behaviour of matter at the sub-atomic level. So if the primes represent the particle aspect of number, the Zeta 1 (Riemann zeros) then represent the wave aspect and vice versa. So ultimately the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the cardinal number systems (represented by the primes and Zeta 1 zeros) are entirely interdependent in an ineffable manner.

And again both mathematical and psychological behaviour are themselves fully interdependent with the Zeta 1 zeros in turn representing the manner in which primitive instinctive behaviour is unconsciously encoded. Thus when one has experientially unravelled these zeros (through ending their involuntary nature) the ultimate interdependence of conscious and unconscious aspects of development is realised. This requires an intense exposure to the most intimate fantasies continually emitted into consciousness, which then mysteriously disappear when the involuntary aspect has ceased. And this corresponds exactly with the mathematical realisation of the fully interdependent nature of both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the primes.

And this is just another way of saying that ultimately all behaviour is encoded in a mathematical fashion, thereby representing the all-important fundamental bridge connecting phenomena of form with spiritual emptiness.

Level 3 (Binary/Prime) in many ways entails the balanced co-ordination of the earlier two levels. So underlying all primitive activity is a binary capacity where phenomenal  form (1) can be distinguished from spiritual emptiness (0). So the involuntary nature of primitive instinctive behaviour represents the most basic way in which form can be confused with emptiness!

This likewise represents the stage where both "higher" super-conscious and "lower" subconscious activity come into appropriate balance, through each becoming fully integrated with the linear understanding of the middle levels. Thereby super-conscious understanding becomes properly grounded in these levels so that holistic intuitive awareness now seamlessly informs rational understanding, whereas primitive instinctive reactions are raised from the depths to the same middle levels, whereby they now can become fully compatible with conscious understanding.

So here, any remaining dualistic distinction as between the very notion of "higher" and "lower" ends, with all development now understanding as emanating from the spiritual centre of one's being, which equally represents the centre of the entire physical universe. 

However just as Band 4 cannot be properly completed without on-going further development, the same is true of Band 5, which serves as the ideal preparation for the radial development of Bands 6, 7 and 8 respectively.

In fact whereas each stage of development can be given a certain discrete (differentiated) identity, through continual integration with other stages, this identity always changes. So one cannot experience any stage in its fullness until all stages have undergone appropriate development, which is a never-ending task.     

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