Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Integral Studies (1)

During my time on the "Integral Studies" forums, I was employing a highly ambitious strategy, which however may not have been fully obvious to the general participant.

In particular I was attempting to promote an entirely new form of Mathematics - which I termed "Holistic Mathematics" - as the proper scientific basis for the study of dynamic interactive relationships of a qualitative nature.

So just as Conventional Mathematics is now the indispensable tool for the study of quantitative relationships within the analytic sciences, equally I saw Holistic Mathematics as the corresponding indispensable tool within the social sciences and especially with respect to clarifying the transformational stages relating to human development.

However the great problem  that I faced was the initial complete lack of recognition in the very possibility of this alternative type of Mathematics.

So it was my hope that in the detailed discussion of various key topics in "Integral Studies" that I could better illustrate the modus operandi of this new approach.

I have mentioned before the importance of the binary system, where the two digits 1 and 0 can be potentially used as a means of encoding all information processes. Indeed the widespread use of this digital system with respect to computerisation and IT has dramatically revolutionised the nature of our world in the past few decades.

Now this digital system is based on the clear analytic separation of the two digits 1 and 0.

However I had long recognised a complementary binary system - again based on the two digits 1 and 0 - that also be potentially used as a means of encoding all transformation processes. And this system would be especially useful for clarifying the transformation process that we recognise as human development.

In this holistic binary system the two digits 1 and 0 are used in a dynamic complementary fashion (which ultimately are identical in an ineffable manner).

Now the straight line is 1-dimensional so 1 in this holistic sense relates to the linear rational form of understanding that so typifies the conventional scientific approach.

By contrast 0 - which closely mirrors the symbol of the circle - relates to a corresponding circular intuitive form of appreciation that typifies the contemplative spiritual approach to reality.

Strictly speaking of course pure intuitive understanding is nondual and not directly amenable in phenomenal terms. However indirectly in can be represented in a "circular" paradoxical fashion (with respect to linear understanding).

In my holistic approach the notions of linear (1) and circular (0) were directly linked to the corresponding developmental notions of differentiation and integration respectively.

In this way all human - and indeed natural - development could be validly seen as the expression of differentiation and integration entailing both linear (1) and circular (0) interpretation respectively.

So in my own dynamic model of development, I was anxious to represent each stage as necessarily representing a unique configuration with respect to both differentiated and integrated processes respectively (which could be precisely encoded in a holistic mathematical fashion).

Central to this approach was the importance of the holistic interpretation of number.

As we know, number provides the most efficient means with respect to the quantitative ordering of data. Indeed without the quantitative notion of number, it would be impossible for science to proceed!

However equally - though not at all well recognised - number likewise provides the most efficient means with respect to the qualitative ordering of data (such as the stages of human development). So in future I have no doubt that an entirely new holistic form of science will be recognised based on this complementary interpretation of number!

Before engaging on these forums, I had already completed "The Number Paradigms" placing it on a web-site.

This showed in outline form how all the major number types could be holistically linked to the various main stages of development. However without further clarification, what was written here was unlikely to make much impression.

Therefore I very much welcomed the opportunity to engage in detailed fashion with the most heated topics being discussed on the various integral forums as a means of demonstrating the potential importance of these new holistic mathematical insights. 

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