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Psychological Development and the Euler Identity (7)

I identified in yesterday's blog entry the (fundamental) Euler Identity as the appropriate holistic mathematical expression of Level 1 (Band 4).

However though this indeed  corresponds to the pure holistic expression of oneness (in transcendent terms) because this in turn relates to the "higher" spiritual aspect of personality that still to a degree dominates the "lower" physical aspect, one is not yet enabled  to equally experience the pure holistic meaning of oneness (in complementary immanent terms).

So a subtle volitional attachment to the "higher" spiritual aspect remains, which results in a compensatory involuntary projection  of - still - repressed primitive elements with respect to the "lower" physical aspect.

Thus the next level (Level 2) relates to the gradual negation of excess attachment to the "higher" spiritual aspect, which in turn enables one to engage more fully with the unrecognised projections with respect to the "lower" physical aspect.

In this respect, I would find my position in conflict with the Christian mystical position as outlined by even such a careful exponent as St. John of the Cross.

St. John maintains that eventual full union (in the dawning of "Spiritual Marriage" entails that the "lower" physical aspect be gradually be brought into complete conformity with the "higher" spiritual aspect.

However I would rather emphasise that "higher" and "lower" are ultimately fully complementary in nature so that one thereby has to abandon all judgement as to the relative superiority of the spiritual aspect. Otherwise a subtle repression of physical instinctive behaviour is likely to remain which can only hamper full freedom with respect to the personality.

In  other words, even with respect to "Spiritual Marriage" I would see that an unduly transcendent emphasis characterises the position of St. John (with respect to his explicit  treatment of the issue). And this would be consistent with the official Christian emphasis where the psycho sexual aspect of spiritual development has rarely been properly addressed.

Of course this does not necessarily mean that this issue has not been successfully dealt with in practical experiential terms by St. John and other great mystics. However it would entail however that due to the strong influence of the official Church that a certain discrepancy would be in evidence with respect to the written statements of such figures and their actual lived experience!

There is another issue that I would like to address at this point, which relates to the fact that progression through the respective levels of Band 4 is likely to overlap considerably with on-going development with respect to the levels of Band 5. Indeed in a very real sense, this is equally true with respect to three levels of Band 2!

You will remember that for those destined to significantly advance beyond the linear understanding of Band 2 that considerable conflict is likely to be experienced in late teenage and early adult life, whereby they become unable to fully consolidate development with respect to Band 2. Thus when others are settling down to conventionally accepted roles within society, those destined to advance can experience great disillusionment, requiring a radical conversion to a more authentic spiritual commitment (whatever the social cost). So for lengthy periods of time they can become uneasily suspended as between two realities, no longer able to associate with conventional expectations (based on linear notions) and yet not properly established in the alternative spiritual world view (requiring deep holistic vision).

So in a sense both the rational (associated with Band 2) and the contemplative worldviews (associated with Band 4) can only find their proper fulfilment through the more comprehensive radial development (associated with Band 6) where both Band 2 and Band 4 now can at last find their integrated expression.

Thus in a sense, while the various levels of the spiritual descent (Band 5) unfold , one keeps returning to Band 4 on the one hand to establish a  more balanced contemplative outlook, while equally looking forward to Band 6 (where the linear rational worldview can finally become more established in a properly integrated manner).

Now Level 2 (Band 4) is associated with this formulation of the Euler Identity

 e – 2iπ  = 1 (i.e. 1 – 1). 

From a holistic mathematical perspective, this implies the negation of the holistic dimensional notion of oneness (i.e. the transcendent experience of everything as beyond all form).

Equally this is related to negation of the dimensional symbols i.e. 2iπ (which as we have seen is associated with the notion of "point being").

In other words one must now attempt to become free of any lingering attachment to the subtle notion of a "higher" self (as identified with one's will as the centre of being). Only then can one's personal will as it were be freely identified with the universal cosmic will as manifested through all creation.

This in turn means that one must thereby detach oneself from any rigid transcendent notion of oneness (as beyond all form) so as to fully embrace the complementary immanent notion of oneness (as already deeply inherent in all such form)..

However this does not occur quickly and can require many years of patient attention that considerably overlaps, as I said on-going development with respect to Band 5. Indeed the attempted elimination of these residual rigid aspects of self can resemble the gradual erosion of rock by sea water.

So once more, great patience and perseverance is required.

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