Friday, October 16, 2015

Band 4

Just as Band 2 (in my account) relates to the specialisation of (linear) rational type understanding, Band 4 is designed to relate to the corresponding specialisation of (circular) intuitive type appreciation

After Band 3 had culminated in a transitional crisis (in mid 1996), I then looked forward to - what I imagined - would represent a relatively short period of adjustment in the unfolding of Band 4.  I interpreted this band then as acquiring appropriate balance with respect to contemplative experience in terms of both its transcendent and immanent directions.

Then when appropriate adjustment had taken place, I expected that the radial bands would emerge, entailing the gradual interpenetration of both analytic and holistic type understanding (intellectually, emotionally and spiritually).

And just as the earlier bands had been divided into 3 major levels, I could see that this would also be true of Band 4.

So the first level of Band 4 relates to the specialised development of the transcendent type contemplative awareness. This had dominated the ascent to spiritual Mount Everest, and now been significantly attained.

Therefore  my thinking was that as this task was largely consolidated - though necessarily in a relative approximate manner - I could now start to share the many insights that had been so painfully acquired in marked isolation from the world.

However, even in my most extreme moments, I had never seen contemplative solitude as an end in itself. So for me the holy grail was always the attempt to eventually marry both contemplation and activity in a creative productive manner.

Successful re-entry to the world would require therefore that equal emphasis be given to the immanent aspect, through the physical instinctive side of personality acquiring equal balance with its spiritually refined aspect.

Thus the second level would require further withdrawal with respect to the more dominant transcendent aspect, gradually lessening residual super ego control with respect to the physical self.

Finally with this task largely achieved both transcendent and immanent aspects could be integrated in a balanced fashion. This would then represent the long desired spiritual marriage, where both masculine and feminine principles would be united with respect to my personal self, equally now seen in universal terms as my true cosmic self.

So this entry into this new marriage (of both the spiritual and physical aspects of being) would represent the third level of Band 4.

And then after that, I considered I would be ready to creatively and productively engage with the world in a manner that could properly express my true vocation and gifts.

I was gradually to realise however that I had been painting too rosy a picture of my future.

Looking back, the mistake that I made was in believing that the task of balancing the "higher" transcendent and "lower" immanent aspects had been largely completed on attaining the spiritual "summit". However as time went on, it became apparent that this was not in fact the case.

Indeed, if I had paid more attention to my mountain analogy, it would have been apparent that the full descent of its slopes would have to be successfully negotiated before I could hope to place my feet once again safely on the plains below.

Also in many ways, I was in a somewhat weakened state in psycho-physiological terms due to the sustained stress already endured.

So as time elapsed, I was slowly led to change my thinking.

It became apparent to me that just as undue specialisation earlier on the journey, with respect to Band 2 would have greatly inhibited development with respect to the "higher" contemplative levels, equally undue specialisation now with respect to Band 4 would likewise have inhibited a successful descent towards the radial bands.

Therefore I began to understand that a much longer period of preparation was necessary, which would require in reverse fashion journeying through the same three levels of Band 3.

However whereas before the ascent with respect to these bands was mainly in the contemplative direction away from worldly activity, now on the descent, the direction in reverse fashion was back from contemplation towards worldly activity. And this latter experience of descent, I was now to refer to as Band 5.

In fact strictly speaking both the ascent and descent are necessarily involved  with respect to both Bands 3 and 5. However it is very much like a tide where the waves continually come in to and recede from the shore.

However, whereas with Band 3 the overall tide is going out with respect to the shore of worldly engagement, with Band 5 the reverse is happening with the tide now flowing gradually back towards this shore.

Therefore though Band 4 (in the specialisation of contemplative activity) still remained relevant, its attainment was to a degree now continuous with progress through the 3 major levels of Band 5. In fact the gradual consolidation of this task is what enables the contemplative waves eventually to roll more successfully back on to the shore of fruitful engagement with the world!

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