Friday, July 31, 2015

Information and Transformation

Around this time, i.e. with respect to the Null Level (Band 3, Level 3), an equivalent form of the holistic "Theory of Everything" already outlined began to clearly form in my mind.

This version is explicitly based on the binary system, which is now given both the customary analytic (Type 1) and largely unrecognised holistic (Type 2) mathematical interpretations.

In analytic terms, the binary digits, 1 and 0 are defined as clearly separate and thereby independent of each other, in an absolute manner.

As is well known, all numbers can be encoded in a binary digital manner. For example, if we take the number 13 (defined in the conventional denary manner), to illustrate, this can equally be expressed as 1101 (in binary terms).

One of the great benefits of the binary system - widely used in computer technology - is that potentially all information can be successfully encoded in an (analytical) binary digital manner.

Indeed the remarkable advances of information technology, that so define our present age are intimately based on this use of the binary digital system.

However, what is not at all clearly recognised is that the same two digits 1 and 0 can equally be given a coherent holistic interpretation where ultimately they are understood as completely interdependent - and thereby fully identical - with each other. It can then be see that potentially all transformation processes can likewise be encoded through the same two digits.

This holistic digital notion in fact can be see to lie at the heart of mystical religion, where the ultimate spiritual experience of reality is often viewed in paradoxical terms as a plenum-void i.e. an overall unity (1) that is equally a nothingness (0) in phenomenal terms . Put another way 1 (as the basis of all form) is here seen as identical with 0 (as the basis of emptiness).

Traditionally perhaps in Western culture, more emphasis has been placed in the mystical traditions on the notion of spiritual oneness (as the perfection of all form), whereas in the Eastern traditions more emphasis in turn has been placed on the notion of the creative void (as the potential for all form).

However, ultimately in varying degrees, both of these aspects are seen as necessarily complementary with each other (in both traditions).

So 1 and 0 can be used in a more systematic manner as the dynamic basis of all transformation processes, especially with respect to human development.

Here 1 is closely associated with the corresponding geometrical notion of the line (as 1-dimensional), whereas 0 in turn is likewise closely associated with the circle (the centre of which, as a point is 0-dimensional).

Then the holistic notion of 1 (as linear logic) is based on the clear separation of polar opposites in experience, leading to unambiguous absolute notions of truth; the holistic notion of 0 (as circular logic), which is based on the dynamic complementarity of opposites, by contrast leads to paradoxical relative notions of a truth that ultimately is purely ineffable (in phenomenal terms).

In my own model of development, I have interpreted all stages (bands, levels sub-levels etc.) in a holistic binary fashion (based on 1 and 0).

In this context 1 is, holistically, closely associated with the notion of differentiation, and 0 with integration respectively  For example, before development commences, 1 cannot be separated from 0, so we cannot yet speak meaningfully of either differentiation or integration with respect to experience.

The first main task of development, which culminates then at Band 2 is to achieve successful differentiation with respect to the various structures. Though integration also necessarily takes place, in effect it is thereby heavily reduced to differentiation. This is especially the case for example in relation to our understanding of both Mathematics and Science.

So in holistic terms, this represents the specialisation of 1, which is associated in extreme fashion with rigorous rational interpretation of an abstract kind.

The next task, which rarely is achieved in a sustained manner, is the corresponding specialisation of  0. This is identified especially with the pure contemplative extreme of continuous spiritual awareness of a refined intuitive nature. In my model, Band 3 represents the journey towards such realisation, whereas consolidation then takes place at Band 4.
Thus is holistic terms, this relates to the specialisation of 0 (as pure intuitive awareness).

The final main task is then to successfully harmonise both 1 with 0  (leading to the continual interpenetration of material form with spiritual energy). I refer to this as radial activity, which is associated with Bands 5, 6 and 7 in my model.

The great problem with present culture, as I see it is that the growing emphasis on information technology is in danger of becoming completely unbalanced.

In other words, more and more emphasis is being placed on the ability to generate ever greater amounts of information in society.

However the corresponding means through which authentic transformation can take place, in personal and social terms, is all but completely ignored. As we have seen this entails an entirely distinctive interpretation of symbols that is holistic - rather than analytic - in nature.

This imbalance is thereby likely to lead to an increasing fragmentation in economic, political and social terms, culminating in  a series of major crises. Only then will the major imbalance at work that most of all is typified by our current scientific and mathematical notions be then addressed.

 Thus with respect to the binary system, we really have 3 stages.

1) Information - based on the clear analytic separation of 1 and 0.

2) Transformation - based on the two-way holistic interdependence of 1 and 0.

3) Information and Transformation - based on the combined separation and interdependence of 1 and 0.

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