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Enhanced and Diminished Stages

I have been very conscious with respect to recent blog entries that the perspective I am offering on the 3 Levels (of Band 3) represents a modification somewhat on how I would have represented these some years ago.

In other words. an evolution continually takes place in development with respect to all possible stages.

Therefore to attempt to clarify, I generally refer to the understanding that unfolds during the initial phase of substantial development of a stage, as the default understanding of that stage. However as further development unfolds (with the movement to higher stages) the possibility for enhanced awareness with respect to earlier stages occurs (as these earlier stages become more integrated with overall development).

For example if we confine ourselves to the 3 major (linear) levels of Band 2 to illustrate, we can refer to these as the Concrete, Formal and Vision levels respectively.

In scientific terms, the Concrete level entails the ability to interpret empirical data within a linear type framework. Thus the first substantial unfolding of this Level represents the default development with respect to the stage. However later in development, this typically gives way to the Formal Level where the ability to apply more general conceptual constructs in a linear manner unfolds. So this in turn represents default development with respect to this corresponding Formal Level. However when backward linkage now takes place with the earlier Concrete Level, an enhanced awareness with respect to that stage takes place.

So typically in Science, research activity (in the collection and processing of relevant data) will depend heavily on the concrete stage whereas the development of theories and hypotheses will depend on the formal stage. However when one then seeks to apply such theories to the data, a new enhanced appreciation of the nature of such data can emerge e.g. where one develops an increasing ability to recognise appropriate data (with respect to the testing of hypotheses).

And then if development further unfolds into the Vision level - with the default understanding of this stage now emerging - this can then later be linked with both the preceding Formal and Concrete levels to obtain perhaps a new original perspective on how both the theory and data can be interpreted.

So in a certain sense when the substantial unfolding of later stages takes place, the possibility for continual enhanced development with respect to all earlier stages arises. And this in principle applies broadly to both the major Bands and Levels (and all the various sub-stages within each level).

So therefore with respect for example to the Band 2 (with its linear type levels), we do not have just the default understanding of this Band (as it initially unfolds) but also enhanced interpretations from the perspective of the later Bands (i.e. Bands 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7).

Thus in a very valid sense, Band 2 (with its various levels and sub-levels) is in the process of continual evolution throughout development. Thus we cannot properly refer rigidly to the absolute interpretation that applies to this Band  (as for example is generally assumed with respect to conventional mathematical and scientific understanding)!
Rather our perspective on mathematical and scientific understanding should continually evolve through the (full) process of development rendering it - while not lessening its value - strictly of an arbitrary relative nature.

However some further degree of refinement is now required.

In the most basis holistic binary sense, all development entails the interaction of linear (conscious) and circular (unconscious) aspects. Alternatively, these correspond to the analytic and holistic aspects that are represented in a qualitative binary manner by 1 and 0 respectively!

Now Band 1 commences from total confusion (where 1 and 0 cannot be properly distinguished).

So this Band (with its 3 main Levels) represents the gradual movement from a confused state to the full differentiation of 1, i.e. the linear (conscious) aspect.

Then Band 2 (with its 3 levels) represents the specialised development of 1.

Then Band 3 operates in a reverse manner to Band 1 in moving from this developed state of rational conscious development (1) to a mature intuitive (unconscious) state (as 0).

Band 4 then represents the specialised development with respect to such intuitive contemplative awareness (0).

Band 5 represents the gradual descent from sole specialisation of 0 (intuitive consciousness) to the integrated fusion of both linear (conscious) and circular (unconscious aspects (i.e. both 1 and 0).

Then Band 6 and 7 represent  the specialised development with respect to both 1 and 0 (in what I term radial activity).

So there are always two aspects to enhancement that are linear (analytic) and circular (holistic) with respect to each other.

Furthermore whereas linear enhancement tends to occur in a sequential fashion, circular enhancement occurs in a paradoxical complementary manner.

The question then arises as to the manner for example that Band 3 can be viewed as an enhancement of earlier Bands.

Now as we have seen, this is complementary to Band 1 in the movement to pure unconscious awareness (of a holistic kind) whereas Band 1 commences from the opposite state.

Therefore we can validly say that the 3 levels of Band 3 offer an enhanced interpretation of the more confused earlier unfolding of the 3 Levels of Band 1.

So the lowest level i.e. Level 1 of Band 3 (i.e. the Circular Level) is complementary with the highest Level of Band 1 (Mythic) thereby offering a refined understanding of the true meaning of earlier mythic understanding.

The middle level i.e. Level 2 of Band 3 (i.e. the Point Level) is complementary with Level 2 of Band 1 (Magic) while the highest Level of Band 3 (Level 3) is complementary with the lowest Level of Band 1 (archaic).

However I caution to add this is only true with respect to the holistic aspect!

In fact from the linear perspective, the 3 Levels of Band 3 offer a diminished perspective on the 3 middle Levels.

In other words during the unfolding of the contemplative stages of Band 3  (where an ever more refined holistic intuitive capacity develops) a marked deterioration with respect to previous linear type abilities may be a temporary consequence. So from this perspective, the stages of Band 3 entail a sharp fall-off in Band 2 type appreciation.

However, equally it is true that one will obtain an enhanced holistic appreciation of the nature of linear consciousness, as constituting just one type of rational awareness.

So, increasingly as more circular rational structures unfold (of a paradoxical nature) one better realises that linear rational understanding itself represents the absolute case with respect to an unlimited spectrum, where all further rational understanding is of a dynamic relative nature.

Thus from this holistic perspective, Band 3 represents an enhanced appreciation of Band 2 structures.

These two extremes would then become further accentuated at Band 4. So the pure contemplative intuitive vision acquired here, would bear very little relationship with Band 2 in linear terms, while Band 2 would equally show very little relationship with Band 4 (in circular holistic terms).

As I have already stated Band 5, represents the contemplative descent, that in many ways complements the corresponding contemplative ascent with respect to Band 3.

Once again at Band 3, one is moving away (in scientific terms) from linear type rational, towards circular type intuitive understanding. However on the descent, the various Levels of Band 3 represent a movement back to linear type understanding (that can now be properly integrated with the contemplative vision).

Thus the main value of the 3 Levels of Band 5 is that they can provide an enhanced appreciation of the corresponding Levels of Band 3, in both analytic and holistic terms.

Thus from the contemplative perspective, intuitive awareness is now much more refined with a better balance evident as between transcendent and immanent directions. Equally from the linear rational perspective, one can stand back, as it were and look at these earlier Levels, in a more detached objective fashion.

However it is only at Bands 6 and 7 (The Radial Bands) that an enhanced view of both Bands 2 and Bands 4 can be properly provided.

Thus one is now able to view Band 2 (without loss of analytic ability) through the pure contemplative vision (where both can be integrated  in both a highly creative and productive fashion).

Likewise one is able to view Band 4 (without loss of holistic ability) in a refined rational manner, whereby it becomes fully grounded in every day concerns.

Of course just as we can have an enhanced view of earlier stages from the more mature standpoint of later development, equally we can, to a degree, form a diminished view of the later stages, from the less mature standpoint of earlier development.

Though there is indeed a valid sense in which development proceeds in a linear sequence from "lower" to "higher" stages, equally there is a valid sense in which all stages are already always present in development in a complementary circular manner.

Now, in practice, very little access to the "higher" levels from earlier stages may be possible in development. However some degree of access - however limited - is indeed possible (which however can depend to a considerable extent on personality factors and special environmental circumstances).

In many cases this diminished understanding will be in the form of temporary access to "higher" states. And as states (with respect to intuitive capacity) and structures (with respect to phenomenal form) are themselves dynamically complementary throughout development, this entails that diminished access can be equally given to "higher" structures.

In my own case, at the age of about 10, I had already recognised a fundamental problem with respect to multiplication, in the lack of a qualitative dimension. And even at that time I vaguely realised that the resolution of this problem would require new logical systems (not recognised in conventional mathematical terms).

I never lost sight of this earlier conviction and am still more than 50 years later attempting to properly clarify the implications of that discovery.

So I would interpret this as - not just a "peak" experience of a higher state, but equally - a "peak" experience of "higher" structures (that could only be properly articulated through subsequent development).

It has often struck me forcibly however that a key problem exists with respect to conventional development where strong - even extreme - specialisation takes place with respect to the Levels (especially Concrete and Formal) of Band 2.

Because these are explicitly based on mere conscious recognition, this can create a major barrier with respect to the substantial unfolding of the later Bands. Therefore in modern secular culture, development largely plateaus (though not completely) at the Levels of Band 2, with very few ever progressing to substantial experience with respect to the later bands.

In fact insofar as these later bands are experienced (for example with respect to religious understanding) it is generally through the diminished understanding that characterises the Mythical Level.
It is my considered view that we will now experience growing difficulties in effectively dealing with a host of problems (e.g. economic, political and social) that at bottom reflect the over-dominance of Band 2 understanding. The very fact that I am writing in this way on these blogs would perhaps signify that a recognition of this fundamental problem is already slowly dawning in our society.

In conclusion - perhaps surprisingly - one can equally experience temporary valleys of earlier confused understanding from the perspective of substantial attainment of the "higher" bands.

So for example someone who has already progressed substantially along the contemplative path with - say a typical focus corresponding to Band 3 awareness - could easily for example, when sufficiently stressed, temporarily take refuge in the more infantile reactions that would be associated with Band 1.

So just as it is possible for someone habitually experiencing at the Band 1 to have temporary "peak" access to Band 3 levels, equally it is possible for someone habitually experiencing at Band 3 to have temporary "valley" access to Band 1 levels.

So once again a dynamic vertical complementarity characterises both Bands.  

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